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Case studies 2021/22

15th May 2024

Case studies A child with autism tolerating sitting in group lessons ​  Tram House 4  A study to investigate whether differential reinforcement of… Read More

Case studies 2019/20

27th April 2023

Building confidence and independence Functional use of ear defenders and how they impact a child’s regulation and learning Taylor Christensen Teac… Read More

Online courses

27th March 2023

We have a number of online courses that our expert team have created. Take a look at what we have to offer below. If you're booking for a group, get in touch with o… Read More

Case studies 2020/21

2nd December 2022

Communication Building up transition skills with a 3-year-old with a visual schedule  Marta Rapp Wright  Behaviours that challenge Parent’s… Read More

Video series

3rd August 2022

Our video series covers a range of topics, underpinned by the principles of Behaviour Analysis.… Read More

Food modifications

12th January 2022

Selective or restrictive eating is the most common eating challenge faced by autistic children and their families. Mealtimes can become difficult with foods often r… Read More

Tips for Healthy Eating

12th January 2022

Issues around eating can be common amongst autistic people. Below are some handy tips to help with problems that may arise. It is important to note that advice fro… Read More

Internship programme

8th October 2020

To date we have employed 6 Interns, each spending an academic year with us, dividing their time equally between project work and paid work experience. Half of the… Read More

Ethics Committee

19th December 2019

We want to provide professionals and families with a way of engaging with clinical research and understanding the practical applications.  To ensure that the cont… Read More

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