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Included not excluded campaign

Autistic children are 2 times more likely to be excluded than children without Special Educational Needs.1

Our BeyondAutism Fast Responder® service was established in response to the disproportionate number of suspensions and exclusions of autistic pupils. We need your support to help us fund 3 subscriptions to the service. This will provide training for 12 BeyondAutism Fast Responders®, who will in turn support up to 360 pupils per year. Find out how just £18 can help us achieve our goal. #IncludedNotExcluded


There are 172,000 people on the waiting list for an autism diagnosis, 5 times more than in December 20192


Only 26% of autistic children reported being happy at school3


In the 2021/22 academic year, 3000 children with SEN were excluded4

More pupils are going to school without the support they need. As a result, we’re seeing more and more preventable exclusions of autistic children. Something needs to change, and that’s where BeyondAutism Fast Responder®, and you, come in.

We know that schools’ budgets are tighter than ever. We want to be able to offer this service to those who need it with funding in place for the training. With up to 12 positions being funded, each able to support 30 pupils, that would mean up to 360 pupils supported each year.

So far we’ve raised funding for 39 pupils, which means 1 BeyondAutism Fast Responder® is already funded and we’re on our way to our next! 

Each child we support costs £276, or 15 people giving just £18. Can you help us be there for a child in crisis?

How we support

Early intervention is crucial to inclusion and ensuring barriers to learning are reduced. BeyondAutism Fast Responders® work within 24 hours to ensure timely support is given. Pupils do not need to have a formal diagnosis to receive support, enabling the service to be accessed by those who need it most. As a result:

  • Children previously at risk of exclusion are supported to achieve in their local setting. 96% of learners in our pilot remained in school
  • Training provided to school teams means staff are more confident in understanding and supporting pupils with SEN, leading to increased schoolwide inclusive practices
  • Improved communication, knowledge sharing and problem solving between staff teams

“The training was a huge success... I can foresee the incredible difference we can make to pupils at risk of disengaging with mainstream education”
Director of Secondary Improvement

With up to 12 positions being funded each able to support 30 pupils

That would mean potentially up to 360 pupils supported

360 grey stick people

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