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Behaviour Analysis

Practice guided by Behaviour Analysis is a teaching approach that takes the scientific principles of learning and behaviour, and applies them in practice to teach important skills, personalised to an individual.

It can also be used to help reduce behaviours that challenge or that limit opportunities by teaching functional alternatives. Behaviour Analysis helps us to understand how learning takes place, and how behaviour can be affected by the environment.

How we use Behaviour Analysis at BeyondAutism

At BeyondAutism, we use teaching strategies underpinned by Behaviour Analysis and guided by the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour, to teach our learners social, communication, academic and daily living skills tailored according to their specific needs. This forms part of our multidisciplinary approach with Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Teachers, to ensure a well-rounded, balanced curriculum for each of our learners that is focussed on their individual preferences and needs.

We use behaviour analysis to track progress and create positive, fun and motivating educational and learning experiences that make a real difference to our learners’ lives. Complex skills are broken down and taught step-by-step including daily living skills, communication, functional academic skills and social skills, to ultimately empower our learners to be as independent as possible, access their local communities and make informed choices about their ideal week.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

A set of evidence-based principles derived from applied research on the science of understanding learning and behaviour, which guide a behaviour analytical approach to teaching important skills.

Verbal Behaviour (VB)

Verbal Behaviour (VB) is a strand of research that analysed language as a behaviour which you learn and acquire in the same way as any other behaviour. There is a large body of research¹ supporting this analysis of language and its application to teaching autistic children and young adults communication skills.

PBS (Positive Behaviour Support)

A multi-component framework for developing an understanding of behaviours that challenge. PBS looks at both the individual and the system as a whole, providing person-centred interventions to improve quality of life.


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