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BeyondAutism Fast Responder®

In response to the growing number of suspensions and permanent exclusions of autistic pupils, our unique BeyondAutism Fast Responder® service overcomes the challenges faced by schools in supporting pupils approaching, or at point of, crisis that can lead to placement breakdown.


A disproportionate and growing number of autistic learners are being suspended or permanently excluded from school.

Learners who receive SEN support are 4.5x more likely to be excluded than those receiving no SEN support.¹ Autistic pupils were found to be twice as likely to be permanently excluded then pupils without SEN.²

To reduce this national picture of school placement breakdown it is crucial that autistic children and young adults access learning in environments that are inclusive and supportive of their needs; with staff who are confident in teaching SEN pupils and have the strategies and resources in place to manage behaviour.

Without this support I would have left my role.

With a collaborative and non-judgemental ethos, our service activates networks and builds local capacity to overcome the challenges faced by schools, remove barriers to learning, and reduce SEN exclusions.


BeyondAutism Fast Responder®

Our unique approach for proven and cost-effective reduction in school exclusions for SEN.

  • Our models provide ‘immediate’ intervention, support and wrap-around care from a team of BeyondAutism Fast Responders® who have all the tools, training and resources needed for your school to succeed in averting placement breakdowns
  • 24/12 approach, responding to referrals with a school visit within 24 hours of triage
  • Evidence-based approach changes outcomes for children with sustained and rapid impact – 96% of pupils in our pilot year remained in placements with no further suspensions
  • Solution focused with the child’s needs and outcomes at the heart of decision making


Our BeyondAutism Fast Responder® models

Train the trainer

  • Identify or employ up to four members of staff within your school, Multi Academy Trust, or Local Authority to become BeyondAutism Fast Responders®.
  • Your BeyondAutism Fast Responders® receive a four-day training course on delivering the 24/12 approach, from assessment to interventions to reduce placement breakdown.
  • Your BeyondAutism Fast Responder® team implement the support, with access to a wealth of resources, group supervision, and leadership training from BeyondAutism through an annual subscription to our service.

Find out more about our ‘Train the trainer’ model, including pricing, here.

Spot purchase

  • In our spot purchase model, you can commission BeyondAutism Fast Responders® to deliver the service on a referral-by-referral basis.
  • Referral criteria: autism diagnosis, awaiting an autism diagnosis, or professionals supporting the pupil believe that a diagnosis of autism is highly likely
  • Support includes access to:
    • a dedicated BeyondAutism Outreach Consultant
    • 12 hours of input
    • a response or visit within 24 hours of triaging the referral

Find out more about the ‘Spot purchase’ model, including pricing, here.

“[The service] exceeded expectations. [BeyondAutism Fast Responder’s®] support in difficult times for the team was superb. Support was praised by the staff as insightful and welcome with so many ideas to try. The way in which [they were] able to look at information and pull [their] knowledge along with [their] observations of the child and team to pull together the support package was amazing.”

SENCo from a BeyondAutism Fast Responder® school

Outcomes and benefits

  • Children previously at risk of exclusion are supported to achieve in their local setting; resulting in a positive experience of education that directly benefits their mental health and wellbeing, and that of their family
  • Equipped with the strategies and resources they need, teaching staff are confident in understanding and supporting SEN pupils; leading to a reduction of behaviours that challenge in school and an increase in classroom and curriculum access for autistic learners
  • Collaborate alongside a network of BeyondAutism Fast Responders® to further draw upon expertise, developing and disseminating understanding of the early signs that can lead to placement breakdowns, and lead on driving effective early interventions
  • CPD opportunities for staff within your school, Multi Academy Trust, or Local Authority who are trained to deliver the BeyondAutism Fast Responder® service, utilising your existing resources to build capacity
  • Improved communication, knowledge sharing and problem solving between staff teams and settings
  • Associated cost savings for Local Authorities


Learn why we had 100% positive feedback from the schools involved in our pilot here.


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1. Government Data. Permanent exclusions and suspensions in England; Academic Year 2020/21, accessed here, 22.09.2023
2. Guldberg, K, Wallace, S, Bradley, R, Perepa, P, Ellis, L & MacLeod, A. 2021, Investigation of the causes and implications of exclusion for autistic children and young people. University of Birmingham


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