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Train the trainer model

With the BeyondAutism Fast Responder® train the trainer subscription model we will train up to four members of staff within your school, Multi Academy Trust or Local Authority to become BeyondAutism Fast Responders®. Take a look below for an overview of the training and read about the other benefits of joining the BeyondAutism Fast Responder® network.

Four-day training for BeyondAutism Fast Responders®

Delivered by an experienced Behaviour Analyst from BeyondAutism, the interactive training will cover the following key areas:

  • Understanding autism and proactive supports
  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)
  • Person-centred approaches
  • Interdisciplinary working
  • Parent resilience
  • 24/12 processes and data collection

A training manual will accompany the training.

Annual subscription at a glance

  • Termly group supervision for those trained as BeyondAutism Fast Responders®
  • Termly school leaders training
  • Access to a wide range of supporting resources, including training slides
  • Facilitation of parent support groups
  • On call or email support from the central BeyondAutism team twice per term
  • Be part of a wider network of BeyondAutism Fast Responders®


Termly group supervision:

Three hours of group supervision per term will include reflective practice to review the below, and provide each BeyondAutism Fast Responder® with the opportunity to share their own experiences, and provide peer support to others.

  • Self-assessment competency measures
  • BeyondAutism Fast Responder® processes and data collection
  • Successes and challenges
  • Additional training based on themes

A BeyondAutism Outreach Consultant will support with the above, providing guidance and identifying further areas of support through further skills training.


Leaders training:

Three hours of leaders training per term will target areas to facilitate culture change and include the following topics;

  • Increasing parental engagement
  • Proactive approaches to inclusion
  • Creative curriculums
  • Promoting belonging
  • Impactful student voice and policy co-production


Parent support groups:

BeyondAutism will support the facilitation of parent support groups for parents and families of pupils referred to the BeyondAutism Fast Responders® service.

This will include support around structuring sessions, resources and training.


Subscription costings: 

Subscription is £2500 annually, plus a one-off cost of £2500 in the first year to train up to 4 BeyondAutism Fast Responders®. The annual subscription is inclusive of up to 9 days of direct support. If it is agreed that more days of support are required, this can be discussed as part of a bespoke package


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