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Organisations and individuals seeking your help in progressing their research

We receive regular requests to be a part of research, or to share new research studies with our stakeholders. This includes organisations such as leading universities in the fields of psychology and ABA, as well as individuals seeking to improve the understanding of autism, and the work we can do to support people with autism. We are keen to support any requests that help this, once reviewed by our Ethics Committee to ensure they meet the moral standards and values of our organisation. We will not consider any research proposals without prior ethics approval from the institute of study.

To take a look at some of the projects we have recently shared including results, where available, visit our archive page.

Identity development for autistic people and supporting young people who face identity challenges

The research aims to explore the views of young autistic people on their personal and social identities and how they identify with and align themselves to autistic and non-autistic culture, when they are interacting online and offline. It also aims to explore the extent to which any differences relate to psychological wellbeing/difficulty. The research will take the form of telephone interviews. If you’re interested in taking part or to find out more information, please email Camilla Smith using the details below.

Researcher: Camilla Smith,
Supervisor: Dr Kerry Woolfall,

Deadline: July 2021

PAREint: Testing a Novel Parenting Intervention for Autistic Children

This study will compare two ‘structured communication techniques’ that have been suggested to improve communication skills in children with autism. Our main purpose is to assess how well parents and children are able to use these techniques at home. For more information on the study download the information sheet and you can register your interest in taking part.

Researcher: Gemma Ryan,
Supervisors: Dr. Martin Cartwright,, Prof. Dermot Bowler, and Dr. Sophie Lind,

Deadline: 31st March 2021

The preschool brain imaging and behaviour project (PIP)

This research, conducted by King’s College London, is the first Europe-wide study on brain development in pre-schoolers. Their goal is to better understand how differences in brain development are related to a child’s social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive development.

They are currently recruiting young children with neurodevelopmental conditions. In particular:

  • Children with autism (between 3-4.5 years), and/or
  • Children with ADHD (between 4-5.5 years), and/or
  • Children with developmental delay (between 3-4.5 years), and/or
  • Children with epilepsy (between 3-4.5 years).

If you have any questions, please email the research team at who will be able to answer and queries you have.

Deadline: summer 2021

The experiences and mental health of students with autism attending UK secondary schools with a specialist provision, and their parents during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

The purpose of this study is to gain an understand of how children with autism and their parents experienced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. The research will be conducted via a video interview lasting around 20 minutes.

If you would like to take part, or find out more information, please get in touch with one of the researchers using the information below.

Researchers: Elif Acar, Marjana Aktar and Mohammed Ahmed
Supervisor: Frauke Elichaoff,

The effects of COVID 19 on the cardiovascular health (Heart health) of children with autism

The Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland is conducting a survey to find out about the cardiovascular health (heart health) of school going children with autism and the effect that COVID-19 related restrictions has had on this aspect of their health.

By taking part you will be helping the research team understand some of the risk factors for cardiovascular health in this community and how COVID-19 related restrictions have impacted them. Take the survey here.

Researcher: Katie White,
Supervisor: Sharon Kinsella,


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