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Case studies 2021/22

Click the links below to read some of our case studies from the 2021/22 academic year.

Case studies
A child with autism tolerating sitting in group lessons ​  Tram House 4 
A study to investigate whether differential reinforcement of incompatible behaviour and extinction burst reduces self injurious behaviour Marta Enemor, Brittany Farnan, Yu Jin Kim​ 
Behaviour change​ Sofia Zaccagnino 
Differential reinforcement of other behaviours with a ​
token economy to reduce disruptive behaviours in a pupil with autism
Rachael Hlomador, Nicola Stanley and Imogen Lee​ 
Exploring the application of PECS board in the teaching of communication skills to an autistic learner Tram House 1 
Increasing the tolerance of wearing headphones to engage environments which are considered to be aversive​ Tram House 5 
The benefits of work experience
T Ball, F Brady, M Clark Turner, W Clementson, P Duncan, M Fernandes, J Hargreaves, ​
S Rowe-Briggs, M B Suarez Lucero​
Transition to South Thames College
R. Akam – Sheikh, J. Hargreaves, R. Hodgson, H. Kinani – Alaoui, A. Palka and A. Salik​ 


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