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Causes of autism

31st August 2021

Current thinking suggests that autism occurs due to a variety of physical factors which have an impact on the way that the brain develops. It is also possible that t… Read More

World Autism Awareness Week 2021

29th March 2021

  Monday - reduced school placement breakdown It is every child's right to receive an education. We want to empower schools to manage behaviour and remove b… Read More

Autism FAQ’s

1st December 2020

What is autism? Autism usually appears in the early years of a child’s life. It is complex and can affect a person’s communication, relationships, social skills, an… Read More

Sensory processing

30th March 2020

For people with sensory processing difficulties, the central nervous system does not organise sensory information into appropriate responses. Instead it interprets t… Read More


30th March 2020

Children with an EHCP are up to six times more likely to be excluded for a fixed period or permanently than pupils with no special educational needs [1]. There ar… Read More

Tribunals and appeals

30th March 2020

Why you may want to appeal a decision You can appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal if you disagree with a decision your Local Authority… Read More

Education choices

30th March 2020

Speak with the professionals that have worked with you and your child to date – nursery providers, teachers, educational psychologists or inclusion teams. You know y… Read More

Routine and planning for change

30th March 2020

How routines can help Having predictability and consistency in situations can help people with autism to navigate them more easily. For example, if a young person… Read More

Self-stimulatory behaviour

30th March 2020

What is self-stimulatory behaviour? Everyone has self-stimulatory behaviours – it could be fiddling with hair, bouncing a leg or chewing on a pen. Reasons for sel… Read More

Understanding the facts

30th March 2020

We embrace individuality We respect people with autism and embrace their unique qualities. Many of our learners engage in self-stimulatory behaviours that we wouldn… Read More

ABA the BeyondAutism Way

30th March 2020

Applied Behaviour Analysis underpins our teaching strategies with a focus on improving specific behaviours, such as social, communication and academic skills as well… Read More

Communication methods

30th March 2020

Method Description Pros and Cons Makaton symbols and signing Using symbols, signs and speech as a form of communication. Signs are used… Read More

Engagement and communication

30th March 2020

The person with autism may communicate vocally. Or they may use other systems such as sign or a voice output communication device (VOCA). Find out more about individ… Read More

Understanding autism

30th March 2020

Autism is not an illness or disease and cannot be cured. Accessing the right support and guidance can help development and improve outcomes. In this section you c… Read More


30th March 2020

At BeyondAutism we do this through teaching functional lifelong skills, developing independence as well as academic studies. Within this section you will find inf… Read More

Understanding behaviour

30th March 2020

At BeyondAutism we are experts in Applied Behaviour Analysis where we use evidence-based procedures to discover why certain behaviours happen and where appropriate, … Read More

Jargon buster

20th June 2019

There may be some terms throughout our website that you’re slightly unsure of. Take a look at our handy Jargon Buster to find out what they all mean.… Read More

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