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Kidz to Adultz South

30th January 2024

When is Kidz to Adultz? Thursday, 2nd May, 2024 Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre (Gate F, GU14 6TQ) You can find us on the exh… Read More

Tes SEND Show

22nd August 2023

Matt Wicks, Head of Outreach and Training, and Hannah Smith, Head of Fast Responder delivered a thought provoking CPD seminar titled “What could ordinarily available… Read More

Challenges at school

2nd February 2023

Creating the right environment and providing the right support helps to ensure that their educational experience is a positive one which empowers them to thrive at s… Read More

Mental health support services

7th February 2022

General The following services are national organisations providing support for all age ranges as well as parents: NHS Mind Rethink Mental Illness Anx… Read More

Autism and mental health

7th February 2022

70–80% of autistic children and adults experience or have experienced mental health problems in their lifetime. Accessing the right support at the right time is so i… Read More

Making food fun

14th January 2022

Play is a fantastic way to increase exposure to food and build positive food experiences. Resistant eaters can benefit from contact with food in ways unrelated to me… Read More

Food modifications

12th January 2022

Selective or restrictive eating is the most common eating challenge faced by autistic children and their families. Mealtimes can become difficult with foods often r… Read More

Tips for Healthy Eating

12th January 2022

Issues around eating can be common amongst autistic people. Below are some handy tips to help with problems that may arise. It is important to note that advice fro… Read More

Autism and eating

12th January 2022

Lots of children go through periods of picky eating. For many, this phase will pass as the child gradually learns to accept new foods. For autistic children and thei… Read More

Causes of autism

31st August 2021

Current thinking suggests that autism occurs due to a variety of physical factors which have an impact on the way that the brain develops. It is also possible that t… Read More

Autism FAQ’s

1st December 2020

What is autism? Autism usually appears in the early years of a child’s life. It can affect a person’s communication, relationships, social skills, and self-regulati… Read More

Sensory processing

30th March 2020

For people with sensory processing difficulties, the central nervous system does not organise sensory information into appropriate responses. Instead it interprets t… Read More


30th March 2020

Children with Special Educational Needs are 4.5 times more likely to be excluded for a fixed period or permanently than pupils with no special educational needs [1].… Read More

Tribunals and appeals

30th March 2020

Why you may want to appeal a decision You can appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Tribunal if you don't agree with a decision your Local… Read More

Education choices

30th March 2020

Speak with the professionals that have worked with you and your child to date – nursery providers, teachers, educational psychologists or inclusion teams. You know y… Read More

Routine and planning for change

30th March 2020

How routines can help Having consistency in situations can help autistic people to deal with them more easily. For example, if a young person finds it hard gettin… Read More

Self-stimulatory behaviour

30th March 2020

What is self-stimulatory behaviour? Everyone has self-stimulatory behaviours – it could be fiddling with hair, bouncing a leg or chewing on a pen. Reasons for sel… Read More

Our position on ABA

30th March 2020

We are aware of the controversy that is linked to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and that some autistic people have had a negative experience of ABA. This is a res… Read More

Communication methods

30th March 2020

Method Description Pros and Cons Makaton symbols and signing Using symbols, signs and speech as a form of communication. Signs are used… Read More

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