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Engagement and communication

30th March 2020

Every autistic person will have their own preferred method of communication. They may communicate vocally, or they may use other systems such as sign or a voice ou… Read More

Understanding autism

30th March 2020

Autism is not an illness or disease and cannot be cured. Getting the right support can help improve outcomes. In this section you can find information about diagn… Read More


30th March 2020

At BeyondAutism we do this through teaching functional lifelong skills, developing independence as well as academic studies. Within this section you will find… Read More

Understanding behaviour

30th March 2020

At BeyondAutism we are experts in Behaviour Analysis. We use evidence-based procedures to discover why certain behaviours happen and where appropriate, provide peopl… Read More

Jargon buster

20th June 2019

There may be some terms throughout our website that you’re slightly unsure of. Take a look at our handy Jargon Buster to find out what they all mean.… Read More

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