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Starting school resource pack

Starting the school year can be a difficult time for all pupils, especially those with autism and special educational needs.

Our starting school resource pack is full of hints and tips for teachers and parents. Within this resource you will also find information on person-centred planning, example pupil profiles as well as a whole range of visual resources such as timetables and now and then boards.

This resource pack has been created to provide help for schools and families when planning for the new school year.

  • There are some transitions that are trickier than others, for example the transition from nursery to reception, from primary school to secondary school or mid-way through the term.
  • For some autistic children, even the start of a school year that isn’t a major transition will still present many challenges.
  • Autistic children typically struggle with changes to routines, unpredictable situations, social interactions with new people and communicating their thoughts and feelings.
  • In the resource you will find top tips when planning the new school year for teachers and for parents, some specific details on how to create a person-centred plan (PCP) and finally some downloadable resources to help with the new school year.
  • When planning for the school year, if you are a teacher or a parent, the key factors that need to be considered are:
    • It is vital to ‘do’ and not just ‘say’ when supporting children with autism and SEN. e.g. show them how and where to line up for lunch, don’t just tell them and hope that they do it.
    • Start the transition as early as possible in the summer term (schools) / towards the end of the summer holidays (parents).

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