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Building life skills in the kitchen

12th January 2022

Pupil buttering toast

The new kitchen at Park House School has only been open for a short while, but great work is already being done by our learners!  

Blue class are already loving their food tech lessons in our new kitchen. So far, they have been learning to make their own lunches by following written and picture recipes. It’s been great to see our learners working together, helping each other to follow recipes and sharing ingredients. Using our new space, pupils have been increasing in their independence when navigating the kitchen and remembering the next steps in their recipes.  

Great work, blue class! 

Projects like the Park House kitchen renovation are so vital in providing our students with the valuable life skills to grow their independence. If you would like to donate to help make more projects like this a reality, you can do so here. 

Pupils using the new kitchen facilities

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