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Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a science based on learning and behaviour. It is a set of principles that can help teach important skills when personalised to the individual.

ABA is evidence based, using reflective teaching and tracking progress to celebrate every achievement through fun and motivating learning. ABA helps us to understand how behaviour works and how the environment affects it. By applying this to learning, ABA can help with increasing language and communication as well as academic and self-help skills.

Verbal Behaviour

Closely linked with ABA, Verbal Behaviour (VB) refers to a view that language is a behaviour which you learn and acquire in the same way as other skills. B.F Skinner’s work laid the foundations of VB. There is a large body of research supporting this analysis of language and its application to teaching children and young adults with autism.

At BeyondAutism we are committed to ABA. Read ABA the BeyondAutism way to find out more about how we use ABA at BeyondAutism. You can also read our common misconceptions about ABA.


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