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Reducing negative attention seeking behaviour by using differential reinforcement of an alternative behaviour (DRA)

Sharon (Cho Yi) Mo, Sin Man Cheng, Farah AbousultanRuzilda Williams, Fatima Shahbaz, Genevieve Tan and Ruya Cengiz

ABSTRACT: The case study demonstrates the application of differential reinforcement of an alternative behaviour (DRA) can successfully reduce inappropriate negative attention seeking behaviours. By teaching a variety of communication and social interaction skills, the pupil increased the use of different social approaches to engage with adults and peers appropriately. Besides, by teaching the pupil to complete a task or an activity independently, the pupil developed a range of meaningful activities he can engage other than engaging in negative attention seeking behaviours to gain attention from the adults. At the end of the Spring term 2023, the pupil negative attention seeking behaviours were significantly decreased. It increased the pupil’s independence and promoted effective learning for the pupil in a school environment.

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