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Assessing the impact of introducing the AQA award system on the outcomes for our pupils

Amber Downing

ABSTRACT: The AQA Unit Award Scheme is a way of recording pupil’s achievements. It allows for our pupils to have the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate after a unit of learning is completed. It is a scheme tailored to support those with additional learning needs. An ‘Achievement for All’ ethos is adopted by the scheme, making the qualifications accessible for learners of any age and ability.

The AQA Unit Award Scheme can support our pupils in progression to further study, employment and becoming independent in society. (Information taken from AQA website (2021) –

The AQA Unit Award Scheme was introduced to our pupils at Tram House in September 2020. Pupils in KS5 can undertake academic and vocational units, with the vocational units relating to individual pupils’ interests.

Throughout this case study, I will explore the impact the introduction of the AQA Award Scheme has had to the school and discuss the achievement and progress that has been made by our pupils.

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