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We know that a specialist education can transform the lives of children and young adults with autism and we understand that autism doesn’t stop after leaving school. That’s why we have developed a range of outreach, training and consultancy services which utilise the knowledge and expertise of our highly skilled staff to deliver life changing outcomes for children and young adults with autism in other schools and at home. We are able to tailor all of our services to suit individual needs.

Children who find learning difficult or have other special needs are perceived to have little value in education. They are often excluded and their needs overlooked in favour of those children who learn what they are expected to learn, and at a rate expected of them.


With increasing pressure on schools to achieve targets, and for Local Authorities to deliver against tightening budgets, it is not surprising that many schools are faced with removing children who are not seen as getting ‘good’ results in our current education system.

Children with an EHCP are up to six times more likely to be excluded for a fixed period or permanently than pupils with no special educational needs.¹ The majority of these pupils will have ASD alongside other communication and learning difficulties. Exclusion rate graphic

Our Outreach service is here to:

  • Support schools in meeting the needs of children with autism
  • Build awareness and knowledge of ABA the BeyondAutism way and the role it can play for children in mainstream education
  • Develop parents’ confidence and skillset to ensure continuity between school and home
  • Give children with autism a better chance in education, and a choice over the pathway they follow

We hope you find the information on this site useful.

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