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Fast Responder feedback – teaching staff

Fast Responder feedback - teaching staff

Thank you for using the BeyondAutism Fast Responder service. Your feedback is really important to us as we strive to create the best possible service for our users. If you can spare five minutes, we would be extremely grateful if you could share your thoughts and experience of the service.


How strongly do you agree with the following statements?

I found the training and support I received from the Fast Responder service helpful(Required)
The support and training provided by the Fast Responder team has directly benefited the child(ren)/young person(s)(Required)
Going forward, I feel confident implementing the recommendations that the Fast Responder team introduced(Required)
The Fast Responder team were knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions we had(Required)
The service was tailored to meet our needs(Required)
How would you rate the overall experience and quality of the Fast Responder service offered?(Required)
How likely are you to recommend the BeyondAutism Fast Responder service?(Required)

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