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From nursery exclusion to thriving at school

At the age of 2.5, Lucas had been kicked out of nursery because of his behaviours that challenge and high needs. Our time at BeyondAutism completely changed our lives. We learned how to help our son’s development, the ability to set loving and necessary limits with him and help him be his best self.

When we started at BeyondAutism, Lucas was completely pre-verbal. The team at BeyondAutism worked tirelessly to prepare Lucas for school. As a result, he had a wonderful introduction to his school life. Today Lucas is a happy boy at a mainstream school, with a teacher that supports him as much as she can. He has friends, he is doing great in his academics and he loves his school. He is funny, affectionate, and able to express himself. I’m very proud of my son!

In the months Lucas was attending BeyondAutism my house became an extension of their classroom, with lots of visuals on the walls and now and next boards everywhere. It was worth it. Now they are all gone, because we don’t need them anymore.

There were many times when we felt overwhelmed, lost and confused. We didn’t know where to start – and this was where BeyondAutism came in. They did everything we hoped for and more.

As parents, they helped us grow and taught us how to best help our autistic son during both the joyous and difficult moments. My husband and I have grown exponentially as a result of the parent discussion meetings. Watching the team work in all of the different areas to support our child was amazing. They shared great insights and suggestions with us.

The best part is that BeyondAutism Early Years was the only place where we had social opportunities for children and families to connect and share. They gave our families the chance to feel “normal” and “one among many” instead of “different” and “alone.”

We will forever be extremely thankful for all the planning that went into sessions, and all the efforts for the children to ensure they had a good time. They are the sweetest memories I have from my son’s challenging early years.

By Cassia, Lucas’ mother

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