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Finding my voice through writing

Author: Charlie Baker


17th August 2023 | 2 mins read

I want to share my journey as a 16-year-old author writing books about my experiences with autism and bullying in school. It has been an incredible and unexpected ride, but I am proud to have found my voice through my writing.

As a child, I faced the struggles of being different from my peers in school. I was subjected to relentless bullying, making each day an emotional challenge. In year 7, my teachers, instead of addressing the issue with the bullies, took me out of the mainstream classroom and isolated me in a ‘glass box room.’ It felt like I was being punished for being myself, rather than receiving the support I desperately needed.

In year 10, the situation took an even darker turn when I was physically assaulted by another student, right next to the head of safeguarding, and the school turned a blind eye to the incident. The lack of action left me feeling unheard, invisible, and in a really dark place emotionally.

The best advice I could give to any education professionals reading this is; please listen to the students. When they come to you, give you their trust, and tell you something that’s been bothering them, listen! I was ignored and discarded by education professionals at my past schools and it’s the most horrible feeling ever knowing that you’re not being listened to.

It was during these difficult times that I discovered the power of writing. My books became a sanctuary, a journal where I poured my thoughts, feelings, and experiences onto the pages. Little did I know that these raw expressions would become a source of communication for me, a way to let people know what I genuinely went through. My book was my outlet for speaking out. Nobody knew what I was truly going through inside and nobody probably would have if I didn’t publish my book. Charlie Baker: Autism And Me helped me mentally as much as it’s helped my many fans worldwide.

I never expected my books to become a commercial success. To me, they were an outlet to heal and connect with others who might have experienced similar hardships. But to my surprise, my story resonated with thousands of readers, and my books sold over 50,000 copies and counting.

I want my journey to serve as a beacon of hope for anyone who feels silenced or marginalized. There is strength in our differences, and we should never be afraid to embrace who we are. Through my books, I want to inspire others to find their voices and stand tall against adversity.

To those who are facing their own battles, know that you are not alone. You have the power to rise above the challenges life throws your way. Together, we can foster empathy, understanding, and compassion in our communities.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who has supported me on this journey, from my family and friends to my readers and fans. Your encouragement has given me the courage to share my story and be unapologetically me.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible ride. Let’s continue to create a world where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.

Find out more about Charlie’s book on his Instagram.

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