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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

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01453 860311

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Front Street, Nympsfield, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3TY

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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School teaches and supports children with SEND in several ways. Each class has a TA every morning who provide in-class support for all children. Each class teacher is fully aware that they are a teacher of children with SEND and provides personalised learning opportunities for each child in their class. Classrooms are designed to be dyslexic friendly. Technology is used where appropriate eg touch typing for dyslexic children in upper KS2 to ensure they can fulfil their writing potential. TAs also provide high quality interventions in the afternoons, focussing on specific difficulties for individuals and small groups of children. For children with an EHC plan (Educational, Health and Care plan), in addition to the above support, further advice and support will be sought from outside agencies such as Educational Psychogists, Advisory teachers, speech therapists, GPs, etc. The SENDCo will liaise closely with these professionals to ensure all needs within the plan are being met. Frequently an EHC will come with hours of support attached, where this is the case these hours will be used to provide the child with the support identified in the EHC and within the class provision maps. Support is planned by the SENDCo in consultation with the Headteacher and class teachers.

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