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Ground Floor, Block 6, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL1 2TG

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Family Link Plus are a support team covering the whole of Gloucestershire, providing tailored support packages, in and out of the family home, to families with disabled children 0-18 years. There are many families in Gloucestershire caring full time for their disabled child, these families are in real need of a short break, this time allows them to relax, spend time with other members of their family or just complete necessary tasks like the weekly shop; tasks that can be really challenging as a full-time carer. The children also benefit hugely from the support offered, it offers them the chance to make friendships and participate in new activities with people outside their family, activities that most non-disabled children take for granted. The care offered by Family Link Plus includes: day-time care for disabled children in both their own and carers homes, which can include short sessions such as tea times after school, and support with routines; and overnight care for disabled children in a carers family home, this could take the form of a regular weekend break, and breaks from the family home during school holidays.

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