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Our podcast series provides discussion around a range of topics, all underpinned by the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Hear our staff and guest speakers discuss research in the field of ABA, the practice it inspired at BeyondAutism, and the positive impact seen on the lives of children with autism. Our desire is to share best practice, provoke conversation around existing research and consider where we need to focus our efforts in the future. As part of this, we have a particular interest in the valuable role that multidisciplinary team working has in the success of anything we do in special education and beyond.

All of the content on these pages is free to listen to. Much of it is also CEU-accredited, with each applicable podcast providing at least one Learning or Ethics Credit for just £5 per CEU. For more information on how to redeem credits, click to listen to the relevant podcast.

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Guest series

Episode 1: Is multi-disciplinary working the ethical standard we should be working towards? (Ethics CEU)

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) with special guest speaker Ryan O’Donnell BCBA, The Daily BA

In this podcast we examine the complex issue of multi-disciplinary working in the field of ABA, navigating the worldwide issues in this area and how the links between formal BCBA training and practice do not necessarily prepare Behaviour Analysts for the real world of professional interactions.

Ethics CEU

Episode 2: Prompts - click below ↓ (Ethics CEU)

Andrew Swartfigure BCBA, (Director of Services) talks with special guest speaker Dr Merrill Winston, Vice President and Director of Program Development at Professional Crisis Management Association.

Dr Winston explores the use of prompts, when they are more likely to be needed, but more importantly; how they must be recognised and how they can be faded through appropriate reinforcement.

Ethics CEU

Episode 3: EFL: A curriculum with a conscience; past, present and future

Essential for Living is a detailed and ground-breaking curriculum. Its authors, Dr Patrick McGreevy and Troy Fry, explain the concept behind it and the reason it is such an effective tool for special education. 

Episode 4: Applying behaviour analysis in non-behavioural settings

Andrew Swartfigure BCBA, (Director of Services) talks with special guest speaker Nick Barratt of the Barratt Behaviour Change Consultancy.

Nick speaks about the do’s and dont’s of being a Behaviour Analyst in non-behavioural settings. He gives valuable insight about bringing behaviour analysis into services that may have rejected it in the past. Nick also reflects on wellbeing during this time of increased working from home and the mental health challenges we are all facing.

Episode 5: Innovative application of Behaviour Analysis with Coach Doc

Andrew Swartfigure BCBA, (Director of Services) talks with special guest speaker Dr Antonio Harrison, Coach Doc

In this podcast we talk to Antonio about how diverse behaviour analysis application can be and how Dr Harrison has made many inspiring applications in sport, coaching and well being.

Episode 6: "I really fancy getting into OBM"

At one time or another Behaviour Analysts may utter these words. In this engaging podcast Leah Fennema Hall, BCBA (Director: Lux Consulting) speaks to Andy Swartfigure, BCBA (Director of Services, BeyondAutism).

In the episode we discuss the application of Behavioural Science in Organisational Behaviour Management and how to be an OBM practitioner.

Regular series

Episode 1: Preparing for less intensive settings

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews Liz Burns (ABA Supervisor) and Michelle Frangos (Head of Pastoral)

In this podcast we explore the impact of effective person centred and multi-disciplinary working and how working effectively can mean that children with autism can move to less intensive provisions.

Episode 2: Increasing independence for individuals with autism through the use of visual schedules

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews Amy Sarrasin (ABA Supervisor) and Tom Bailey (Head of Therapies)

In this podcast we explore the importance of understanding the whole person; how linking assessment and pre-requisite skills to vocational tasks and visual schedules can push the boundaries of expectation for our learners.

Episode 3: The introduction of a desensitisation programme to teach teeth brushing toleration

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews Rebecca Lowes (ABA Supervisor), Taylor Christensen (OT) and Tom Bailey (Head of Therapies)
When necessary health care needs are more important than preferences. How do you begin to approach oral care when the individual finds it aversive? We explore how this was achieved and how beginning to teach autonomy through escape mands can support desensitisation.

Episode 4: Using a modified zones of regulation curriculum to teach emotional regulation to young adults with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews Jordana Lyons (ABA Supervisor), Taylor Christensen (OT) and Tom Bailey (Head of Therapies)

In this podcast we examine the role of the multidisciplinary team in teaching emotions and self management whilst trying to answer how do we really know that we are teaching the right emotion to a learner at the right time.

Episode 5: Using differential reinforcement of alternative behaviour to increase food consumption

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews Bobbie Hasselby (ABA Supervisor) and Tom Bailey (Head of Therapies)

Difficulties around food can develop in children and are more prevalent in children diagnosed with developmental disorders. In this podcast we discuss ways in which we can reduce these difficulties.

Episode 6: Reducing self-injurious behaviours in a school setting

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews returning podcaster; Amy Sarrasin BCBA (ABA Supervisor).

In this episode we explore the impact of self-injurious behaviour, and how practitioners have to find the balance between; safety, functional assessment and increasing repertoires.

Episode 7: Cusp behaviours and the importance of pre-requisite teaching

Andy Swartfigure BCBA (Director of Services) interviews Jalpa Shah BCBA (ABA Supervisor).

In this podcast we explore the impact of teaching the basic learning skill of imitation; and the role of prompting in order to achieve fundamental learning repertoires.

Episode 8: What time is it? Time to teach

In this podcast Bobbie Stone (BCBA) and Andy Swartfigure (BCBA) explore the impact of teaching a student to tell the time, how it was approached and more importantly how it supported a learner to be more independent.

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