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Internship programme

In September 2020, we launched our internship programme, for individuals with autism. Interns will join the team to gain real work experience and learn new skills across different departments within the organisation.

Each intern will spend an academic year with us, dividing their time equally between project work and paid work experience.

The work experience will be broken up into 6 different six-week rotations. Each rotation will offer the intern a chance to gain an understanding of how different departments work and develop their skill set. From HR and Fundraising to Finance and Marketing, interns will be exposed to different types of work so they can finish their internship with an idea of what type of career they would like to pursue. They will also gain practical experience within our services. Supported by an in-house Job Coach and a mentor in each department, the interns will develop their tools to apply for jobs once the internship ends – whether internally or externally, dependant on the career path they’d like to follow.

The other half of the interns’ time will be spent working on a project within the organisation that they work on from start to completion, so they can gain experience in planning and project management, something they will be able to showcase to future potential employers.

In September 2021, we welcomed 4 new interns to work in different departments across the charity.

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