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BeyondAutism Professional Conference 2021

Thank you for your interest in the BeyondAutism Professional Conference 2021, this years conference took place on the 26th & 27th May. Professionals from all over the UK and some even as far as the USA took part in the two day event.


Aimed at professionals working in SEND, with a focus on autism. The Professional Conference hosted a series of webinars and panel debates based on developing strategies, as well as sharing resources to support professionals in the work they do for children and adults with autism.

If you missed this years event and would like access to the sessions, we will be creating an ‘on-demand event’, where professionals such as yourself can still view the sessions and gain valuable insights, along with the recorded Q&A sessions which took place after each presentation. Please note: As this is an on-demand event, you can access the sessions and Q&A’s; however, you will not be able to take part.

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BeyondAutism Professional Conference


BeyondAutism Professional Conference 2021 – Advancing the conversation on autism

Sessions available:

  • Conference welcome
    Tracie Linehan, CEO, BeyondAutism
    BeyondAutism’s CEO, Tracie Linehan opened the conference highlighting the impact the organisation is hoping to have over the next 5 years, driving societal change. Including how, together with local authorities, communities & employers, we all have a part to play in making society more inclusive of people with autism, so that they can live their ideal week.


  • The importance of early identification of autism in children and how early intervention approach can lead to better outcomes and reduce cost
    Bernadett Rankasz, Head of Early Years, BeyondAutism
    Although, we are still in the process of finding out the cause of autism and understand why it manifests very differently in each individual, it is evident that it has an impact on the development of the brain. We have only just begun to understand how the brain of a person with autism is different from a neurotypical person`s brain and research is looking into brain structure and chemistry, connections, and neurological processes.


  • Developing relationships with families to support people with autism
    David Anthony, Head of Research and Learning, BeyondAutism
    Exploring how to build positive relationships with families to support those with autism. Utilising resources created by Skills for Care. The webinar will cover key values and standards, based on research, as well as the importance of person-centred planning.


  • Integrating behaviour analysis into maintained schools: The importance of collaboration – 1 CEU available
    Dr. Maggie Hoerger, BCBA-D, Senior Lecturer, Bangor University
    Behaviour analysis provision in maintained schools in the UK remains rare, despite robust research evidence supporting the use of school-wide positive behaviour support, function based behaviour interventions, direct instruction, and early interventions for children with learning disabilities.


  • Avoiding silos: The Education, Health and Care Plan touch points and the impact on families – 1 CEU available
    Sarah Wakeling, HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Positive Behaviour Support Consultancy &
    Jessica Aviles, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Positive Behaviour Support Consultancy

    A presentation about processes and strategies to avoid the barriers to effective EHC planning and delivery from a community behaviour support service. 


  • Developing a business hat: why we need to think from the employer’s perspective
    Liz Garnham, TSI Trainer and Consultant, DFN Project SEARCH Associate
    During our work with young people with disabilities we have to wear many hats, as an OT I was sometimes confidant, trainer, advocate, therapist, supporter, teacher, team member, organiser, manager, etc. We often become steeped in the ways of working in a ‘Service or Education World’ there is a language, culture and set of values that we work to.

  • Alex and Martin’s podcast series on autism, learning disabilities and employment
    Alex Farnese, Intern, BeyondAutism & Martin Kelly, Intern, BeyondAutism
    Alex and Martin wanted to create a podcast series that would educate employers surrounding the issues and barriers that prevent adults with autism and learning disabilities finding meaningful employment. We hope our podcast series will encourage employers to hire adults with disabilities.


  • 10:00 – ABA is not an intervention – 1 CEU available
    Nichola Booth, MSc ABA Course Director and Lecturer in ABA and Autism, Queen’s University Belfast
    There is a common misperception often cited that ABA is a ‘therapy for autism’ with the aim of ‘normalisation’. This is not the case. ABA is an applied science that focuses on the causes of socially significant behaviour change.


  • Creating a more inclusive society: Improving local provision for children and adults
    Elizabeth Robinson, Head of Post-19, BeyondAutism
    A session exploring how local provision can support those with autism to be active members of their local communities.


  • Looking back – Looking forwards
    Toby Salt, Former CEO and now Advisory Director, AQA, Thomas’s and Academies Enterprise Trust
    A short key note ‘Looking back – Looking forward’ which will reflect back on what he has learned about Autism in schools, both personally and since the publication of the ‘Salt Review’ (Independent Review of Supply for SLD and PMLD) published for the secretary of state of Department for Education (DfE) in 2010, and how things have changed/lessons learned.


  • Whose behaviour is it, anyway?
    Audrey Pantelis, Director, Elevation Coaching and Consulting LTD
    Children are returning back to school after what has been a tumultuous start to 2021.  The majority of SEND children have been attending school, but routines have been severely disrupted.


  • The impact of COVID-19
    Kieran Bird, Executive Head, BeyondAutism
    Examining the impact of COVID-19 on SEN schools, lessons learned from the pandemic that will influence teaching children with SEN in the future.


  • ‘We’ve said something more interesting, now what?…’
    Panel debate


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Free copy of ‘Advancing Autism – Working together for improved outcomes’ report with every ticket

All on-demand tickets will also receive a digital and/or physical copy of our latest report ‘Advancing Autism – Working together for improved outcomes’. Which includes insights from experts in the field, such as: Lord Clement-Jones, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Audrey Pantelis, Toby Mullins, Professor Toby Salt & Laura Pease.


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