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Teaching systems

13th October 2020

The procedures from previous lessons combine to form different teaching systems Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT; or sometimes ITT, Intensive Trial Teaching) Nat… Read More

Teaching to fluency

13th October 2020

Carl Binder (1996) Behavioural fluency is defined as “a fluid combination of accuracy plus speed that characterizes competent performance” We want t… Read More

Errorless teaching

13th October 2020

Teaching method that ensures a high level of correct responding, which lowers the value of escape Instructional demands are correlated with an ‘improving set … Read More

Prompting and prompt fading

13th October 2020

What is prompting? A prompt is something that is added into the environment to help an individual perform the correct response Different prompts are used for… Read More


13th October 2020

What is reinforcement? In part 1 we learnt what reinforcement was Adding or removing something following a response that INCREASES the likelihood of the resp… Read More

Effective teaching strategies

13th October 2020

Why teach skills? Behaviour analysis has moved away from its past of behaviour modification The aim of behaviour modification was just about eliminating beha… Read More

Communication methods

13th October 2020

It is important to choose an appropriate communication system specific to an individual’s needs ABA teaching procedures and methodologies can be used with any… Read More

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